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 Younger Cheer Teams 

Choosing Songs For Younger Cheer Teams

Knowing how to choose songs appropriate for younger cheerleaders might feel like a balancing act-what one parent deems acceptable, another might condemn. If you're a new coach and you haven't learned the culture of the team and the parents, try asking for anonymous input from parents on songs that they feel should remain off limits. While you don't want to run every decision by the parents, you do want to show them that you respect their parenting skills and you want to help protect their daughters.

If you'd rather avoid involving the parents, ask yourself the following questions before choosing songs for younger cheer teams:

  1. Does the song include any curse words?
  2. Does the song include any word that walks a fine line between cursing and common speech?
  3. Does the song include content that parents or fans might object to (i.e. drinking, drugs or sex, etc.)?
  4. Does the song demean or discriminate against any group of people?
  5. Could I read the lyrics of this song in front of my most conservative friend without batting an eye?

If the song passes the test on all accounts, then put it in the "yes" column. Keep in mind, once you know the parents and the girls and have familiarized yourself with their expectations, you may have the opportunity to relax your standards slightly.

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