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 Frequently Asked Questions 

For any questions NOT LISTED! You can ask us directly on our Custom Cheer Mix Facebook Page!

I really like what I see on the website! How can we get started?
The first step is to place your order. Once we receive your order, we put together an order confirmation for you. We will email you this confirmation. You will have 24 hours to respond to it so be sure to check your email (check your junk/spam mail too, it might end up there).

How much does a mix cost?
You can view our current rates by going to our Rates page for the most current rates.

I love your samples, how much are they?
The samples   are not for sale! They are actual parts of other mixes made for other squads. They are there to give you a basic idea of the mixing style.

Can I place a rush order?
Possibly yes, Please contact us first for rush order availability.

I just placed my order, where is my confirmation?
All order confirmations are manually put together. You can expect to receive it within 24-48 hours of submitting your order (between January and May) and up to 3-4 DAYS Between June and December).

Why do we pay more for a weekend/holiday completion date?
Custom Cheer Mix is open from Monday through Friday. Weekend completion dates are possible, but there is a fee for weekend/holiday completions simply because we are closed during those times. We get your music to you when you need it.

Can you help us create our mix? We are doing it ourselves.
We can edit your music and/or fix your music! As far as "one on one time" to step you through creating your mix, that's not likely. We operate a year round Company at Custom Cheer Mix with orders coming in daily. Our Customers are our TOP priority.

I had another company make my mix, but I'm having problems contacting them to do a revision. Can you fix my mix?
We sure can. Please visit our cheer music edit page.

If I order a custom mix and I choose to have it split into 2 sections, will I be charged more?
Absolutely not! This is actually an option on the order form, and we do not charge more to perform this service.

What is your current turnaround time?
Turnaround times vary from month to month. Our busiest months are between June and December. The earlier you place your order, the better the turnaround time. During the off season, our turnaround time can run from a few days to a few weeks. It all depends on the volume of orders that are currently in.

My School requires all vendors to be on file, can you supply all available information for my School?
Yes we can, chances are good that we are already in your Schools system. If not, we will gladly fill out their W9 Form and/or supply any other information needed.

Do you give out free cheer mixes?
No we don't. Every cheer mix is carefully created and built from the ground up for the team ordering it. The process is extremely time consuming, and guaranteed to be a one of a kind mix. We do however own our pre made music store (Routine Mixes) which offers pre made mixes at a very affordable cost!

I heard a cheer mix on You Tube or another website. Can you duplicate it?
No. We will not copy or duplicate another teams music. You can choose the same songs, but we will not attempt to duplicate any mix. These teams pay money for their music. We will not disrespect any team or the original music creator for another team. Respect others in the cheerleading sport.

We're going to be in Florida for our Competition, can we meet you guys?
Chances are pretty good that we can meet. We have attended several nationals competitions in Orlando and Tampa, and had the opportunity to meet several amazing squads and their Coaches! Depending on the amount of orders that are in, we may be able to come meet you!

Do I have to fill out an 8 count sheet?
Absolutely NOT! We now offer our 8 count sheet at no additional charge. If you have a general idea of how you would like your routine created (example would be opening with 4-8 counts of tumbling, 1-8 count transition, 4-8 counts of stunts, etc etc.. We will take that and design your mix around that.

Can I buy a mix that was made for another squad?
No. every mix that leaves here is custom mixed for the team who ordered it. These squads raise alot of money for our services, and it wouldn't be fair to them if we resold THEIR music to another squad or individual.

How can I listen to my cheer mix?
When your music is completed, your credit card on file will be charged. You will receive an mp3 in your email. If any revisions are needed, your 2 cds will be sent to you when the revisions have been completed.

How do I pay?
Once your order is submitted, you are directed to our secured credit card page. When your music is completed, your credit card will be charged. If you are paying by check, money order or school purchase order, this must be received before any mix is sent to you.

How is Custom Cheer Mix different from other companies?
First off, every company has their own "style" of mixing, along with different policies, and general ways of doing business. Our style of mixing has been loved by 1000s of teams worldwide for many many years!
 When you order from Custom Cheer Mix, you are ordering a custom cheer mix tailored for your team ONLY! We DO NOT RESELL ANY MIX PERIOD!


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