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   Justin (JT)

Justin is not only the owner but a huge part of the sound of Custom Cheer Mix! He started mixing at the age of 12 (the year of 1988). From there, his mixes and remixes were heard in clubs worldwide under the label "Graphic Sound Productions". Beginning in 2000, Justin found cheer music and his passion for the sport began! Since 2000, Custom Cheer Mix became a strong entity in the cheer world and has been growing since!


Larry brings the heat and energy to Custom Cheer Mix with his sound and voice overs! Originally from California, Larry now lives in Florida. He started cheering in 2002 and has been producing cheer music since 2005.



Melissa is a UCA/Varsity Judge which brings all kinds of talent and experience to Custom Cheer Mix! She is also on the USA Cheer Safety Council. Not only is she our office manager, but she is also the last person to hear any mix that is released to our customers! We have HUGE standards, however, if they do not pass Melissas standards, that mix is worked on further!


Ty brings a ton of musical talents! From mixing to vocals, to producing and mastering, he covers every corner!

   Ashley - Social Media Director 

Ashley is a former TOP GUN cheerleader (Co-ed 4)! We are very proud to have her on the Custom Cheer Mix team for quality control!






Jessica brings an amazing style to Custom Cheer Mix that has been a staple in our company! From voice overs to music production, we are very excited to have Jess on our team!


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