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Custom Voice Over Order 

 Do You Want To Order A Custom Voice Over?

All of our Custom Voice Over orders are handled directly through PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to purchase them.

We now charge a flate rate of $6.00 per word. If you require a voice over that spells out a name (eg. R-A-I-D-E-R-S), this will be counted as 1 word. We also create phrases and cheer voice overs.

You can order your custom voice overs at the bottom of this page!

Turnaround time on custom voice overs - This can range anywhere from a few minutes to 48 hours (depending on the volume of business). If you require us to put the voice over into your music, please send us the music in mp3 format to . Once purchased, we can add the voice over into your music at no additional charge!

We create the voice overs Monday through Friday (excluding Holidays). If you place your order on Friday after 5pm, it will be created and delivered directly to your e-mail box on the next business day. If you need it sooner than the next business day there is a good chance that we can get it to you sooner, just email us!

Order my custom voice over

**Please note**

We send all of the voiceovers as wave files. This ensures top quality without compressing the file (as you do with an mp3). Please include your phone along with the list of voiceovers that you will be needing in the event that your email provider is sending our emails to spam or we are receiving bounce backs.

Thank you for choosing Custom Cheer Mix!

Remember!! We charge PER WORD! Is, that, we, I, a, and, are all words.

Our custom voice over samples are taken from actual custom music mixes that we produced!!!! If you do not have the proper software (or the knowledge on how to use it) please send us the actual mix and we will put your voice over in at no additional charge. We can integrate pitch changes and more simply by listening to your mix!

 Custom Voice Over Order

 Single Words, Names, Team Names, Etc..


How Many Words?

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 Phrases, Cheers, 8 Count Phrases


How Many 8 Counts?

Enter Voice Over Phrases Below


You can also purchase already made voice overs which include team names, sayings and individual letters HERE.



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