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 About Custom Cheer Mix


Justin Torr
Head Producer

Music Mixing: Since 1988

Mixing Music For Cheer and Dance: Since 2000


Justin Torr - Custom Cheer Mix
Justin Torr

Hey everyone! This is the owner of Custom Cheer Mix (Justin). I just wanted to personally give you some insight on not just Custom Cheer Mix, but me as well. I hope you enjoy reading it, because I enjoyed writing it out for you.

I began my career as a DJ which started at the young age of 12. I loved music and have been around music since I was born (in 1976). Through out my early teen years I continued mixing music as a hobby, but I began to take it more seriously and got into producing. I then became an overnight intern at a local radio station (HOT FM 101 in Youngstown Ohio) when I was still in High School! From that point on, doors began to open. I relocated to Florida (Tampa Bay area) in 1996. I started to take my mixing skills to new levels with more equipment, samplers, drum machines, etc, and began creating club mixes, remixes and club breaks which were played by DJs from all over the world. It was then in 2001 that I was approached by Outer Realm Music and they wanted to sign and promote me. I had the opportunity to be a resident DJ in Africa, The USA and also be a Guest DJ at several venues throughout the United States and Canada. But, I turned this all down because I would be away from home and possibly miss the moment when my son was born. So I took a different musical path - CHEERLEADING MUSIC! I created a few mixes around 1999 for cheer for the fun of it. I attended a nationals competition in Tampa Florida and seen the routines, heard the music and I thought I could do better mixes than what was being played! I began researching and learning about cheerleading music production on my own. At the time I actually did the mixes for FREE just to get my name out there! By 2004, "" was established! In 2006, Custom Cheer Mix became a registered company in the state of Florida.

As you can see, this did not happen overnight! I am very proud of what I have built so far, and it's not going to stop there! I have many plans for Custom Cheer Mix in the near future and this company is going to continue to grow. 

That's my background and everything it took to build Custom Cheer Mix to what it is today! I hope you enjoyed it!!

Justin Torr
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