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Cheerleading Music Mixes

Custom Cheer Mix produces cheer music for: All Star teams, High School, Junior Varsity teams, Pop Warner, College Cheer teams and also Special Needs cheerleading teams! We take your ideas, and make them happen! Read More


Pom and Dance Mixes

We can create your dance,pom, hiphop or kick line mix in a way that you expect. We have seen our mixes in action and at times have been there at Nationals watching first hand. Read More


Half Time/Pep Rally Mixes

 Our halftime and pep rally mixes are not as "involved" as what a cheer mix is, however it delivers as much energy for you and your fans! Read More  

Custom Voice Overs

 We not only create all of our voice overs for all of our music websites and custom cheer music orders, but we also create custom voice overs for those that create their own music and other cheer music producers in the industry!




Music Editing
 Do you have a mix that needs editing? Maybe you can't get a hold of your cheer music producer? Custom Cheer Mix has you covered! We can edit your music for you! Simply e-mail us the mix and the edits that you will need! Read More  
Sports Mixes
 Believe it or not, we do this too! Custom Cheer Mix pioneered these mixes in Florida and the idea has traveled! Sports mixes are perfect for giving your baseball teams and football teams a personalized custom mix. Read More  


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