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Reserve a Date 

We are sure that we take our position as serious as what you take yours with your team. Our minds are CHEER MUSIC 365 days each year. We first offered this option about 6 years ago, and you know what!? Custom Cheer Mix is bringing this back!

We also offer FINANCING!


How Many Mixes
Length Of Mix
Preferred Completion Date


  1. Once you submit your date, you must respond to the e-mail confirmation that we send back to you. This is sent to you within 24 hours. If you do not receive an e-mail, please contact our Office Manager, Melissa at  
  2. If no response is received to confirm your date, your date will be given to someone else. 
  3. Please check your junk/spam folder. Depending on your e-mail provider, and your settings, the confirmation may end up in one of those folders. Grrrrrrr!
  4. PRICES IN THE FUTURE MAY VARY FROM THE CURRENT PRICING! When using our Reserve a Date option, you will be billed at the current pricing as stated on the website at the time of ordering.
  5. The Reserve A Date system is NOT a way to place an order now. This is a simple tool for you to save a date in the future for your cheer music.

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