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The Benefits Of Choosing Custom Cheer Mix

 You are guaranteed to have a one of a kind mix. Your mix will not be resold to anyone, PERIOD! Every mix is built from the ground up and is yours and ONLY YOURS!

 Payment is not due until your custom mix is complete! (Unlike other places who require 50% down).

 Affordable Rates!

 Flexible payment options (Major credit cards, checks, PayPal, and school purchase orders are all accepted). AND NO, we do not charge extra fees for PayPal transactions!

 Top notch Customer Service! We are ALWAYS an email or phone call away!

 Our site is SECURE! We have decided to invest more money to take the steps to enhance the security of our customers personal information. You will see the padlock on the address bar to show you that the page you are viewing is secured and any information you transmit will be secured as well.

 Custom Cheer Mix can also edit your current cheer music mix that was not purchased from us! Check out our Cheer Music Edit page to see all that we can do to your current mix!

* Discounts can not be combined with any other offer, sale price or any other discount