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Cheer Music Mix Edits


Do you currently have a mix (that we did not create) and you might need something changed or added to? Maybe you have a mix that needs "spruced up" or even have sound effects, and voice overs added? Over the years, we have taken on numerous amounts of mixes that were created by "those other places" and have created a music mix master piece WITH YOUR SPECIFICATIONS! Are you one of those Coaches? You just might be!

Whats The Process?

  1. Purchase the service(s) below. All of our editing services are pre-paid 
  2. Email us your music file (in mp3 format if possible) 
  3. Include instructions in the email, along with your phone number in the event that we have any questions about your edit. 

Turnaround Times 

Since all of the editing services are pre-paid, we do not want you to wait long. We try to have all of the edits completed between 1 and 3 days of receiving your order.


Here Is What Custom Cheer Mix Can Do:

Our editing capabilities are accurate down to the thousandth of a second! To make this happen, email us your music file to along with what you need (or would like) to have done. 


Combine Mixes - We can combine any other mixes that you have to create a longer playing mix.

Combine Mixes With Editing - This inludes combining your already made mixes, and editing for time limit and/or using only certain sections of your already made mixes.

8 Count Reconstruction - This includes replacing songs and 8 counts in your already made music mix and is based on a per 8 count basis that is being edited.

Music Mix Makeover - We can take your music and really "spice" it up by adding backbeats, builds, sound effects and voice overs!

Music Makeover PLUS! - This comes with everything as the "Music Mix Makeover" does, but also allows you to submit an 8 count sheet and/or video as well.

Music Edit Rates




 Combine Mixes


 Combine Mixes With Editing


 Custom Voice Over

 $6.00 Per Word


How Many Words?

Enter Voice Over (s) Below

 Custom Voice Over Phrases/Raps

 $25.00 Per 8 Count

How Many 8 Counts?
Enter Voice Over Phrases Here
 8 Count Reconstruction

 $8.00 per 8 count


How Many 8 Counts?

 Music Mix Makeover

 $30 per 30 Seconds


Your Mix Is:

 Music Makeover PLUS!

 $50.00 per 30 Seconds


Your Mix Is: