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More Than Cheer Music


More than cheer music?

Yes, more than cheer music! Custom Cheer Mix also donates profits yearly to several charitable organizations, schools and cheer gyms.
Starting in 2007, we began to sponsor an event at Oakstead Elementary School in Land O Lakes, Florida. And we plan to be a continued sponsor for years to come.

We also sponsor cheerleading squads throughout the U.S.! Our future plans include sponsorships of cheerleading competitions, more cheerleading gyms and more donations and sponsorships to Schools, Organizations and Charities in which we will list as the donations are made!

Feb. 2009 - One of our favorite Schools is definitely the Fairport Raiders in Fairport NY. While they were at the Cheer Sport Nationals in Atlanta Georgia, Custom Cheer Mix sponsored a dinner for the Cheerleading Squads and Coaches.

Custom Cheer Mix is not only a success with cheer music, but also a success with actually giving back.