Custom Cheer Mix 2011-1
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Words From Our Customers!

We have come to you for years for our Worlds Dance Mixes! Thank you so much for all that you do for us!

Jenna - JennaRation Dance Studios, NY


Cherie B - Wisconsin

Justin and Custom Cheer Mix is the BEST company to work with!! We have used Custom Cheer Mix since 2002 and will never deviate!!! The music always has such great energy and he customizes it for every age group you have in your program! The voiceovers are always AMAZING!!! Custom Cheer Mix and the Owner, Justin, will work with your every need and is always happy to tweak the product to fit your routine as it changes. There is no greater company out there that knows the cheerleading needs for music like Custom Cheer Mix!!! We are so excited to start this season with this years set of mixes! We are even ready to order for the 2011/2012 season!!! Thanks Justin for everything you and your wonderful company does for the cheerleading world!

Tracey S
WCFL Cheerleading Commissioner
WCFL Board of Directors Secretary 

AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE ITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!! We may have to tweak the sounds in "UP" depending on the stunt. You have outdone yourself this time. It's a kick a** mix!!!!
Patty T
WakeForest Titans
Raleigh, NC 



hi Justin

I wanted to get a testimonial out for you.....

Justin was amazing to work with. He was always quick to respond and pleasant to make any last tweek that would make our mix perfect. The music has great energy even at a slower pace for our younger cheerleaders. The mix was incredibly easy to choreograph to...Justin has a real talent for pulling in just the right portions of music and a great feel for effects that will add to the girls performance. He really understands what goes into putting together a routine! I've heard so many mixes with endless, annoying effects that don't meaningfully fit the routine...not ours...just perfect! We are so excited to get this season going with our awesome mix. Everyone who has heard it so far is impressed.

Honeoye Falls, NY, youth coach 

If you ever need a reference, let me know. We are so happy with the mix you put together and I've been passing on your name!
We can honestly say it was the best music mix we heard even at Regional Championships! We kept winning and it was our awesome music that kept us "ROCKING" the judges time and time again. We even had comments on the scoresheets about the girls energy and how great the music was.
Thank you for being a step (or many steps) above the rest. We will never use anyone else!!

Auburn, New York 

Just wanted to say thanks for all you did to make us some great music. Our youth and junior music came out fantastic on (almost) the first try. I didn't know how you were going to top it for our seniors, who I know were much more difficult to please with their varied tastes and wants. You gave us just what we asked for in the first cut. Still it didn't feel quite right so you put in a lot of time and effort ( I know we tried your patience with the music choices) to make it perfect, and now we have a final product that the girls just love performing to. It was great to be able to send you a video of the routines to work from. All the little "extras" and sound effects are right on since you were able to see the girls performing the skills as you made the mixes. Thanks again for everything... I promise we'll book earlier for next year!!

Lisa Y
All Around Panthers All-Stars
Mentor, OH



It made the biggest difference for our routine and I didn’t hear at Locals, Regionals or Nationals, music that was as good as ours!!!
The girls loved this music and can’t wait to get this year’s mix!!! We would go NO WHERE ELSE but Custom Cheer Mix!!!
Please see the attached picture of my girls after winning their 4th place Nationals Trophy in Orlando at the Milk House!!! Maybe you could put in on the website!!!!

Thank you so much!!!
Patty T
Head Coach
Wake Forest Titans
Wake Forest, NC


Thank you for making our music great this year! It was just what I wanted, and the girls love it and sing it all the time! We've won 1st place twice with this music and we're now the first team from our town to make it to nationals! I'll definitely be coming back to you guys next year.
Canton Bulldogs Coach
Canton Pop Warner Midget Cheer



 ...just wanted to tell you thank u thank u thank u again for your amazing work!!!!!!!!! Both of our teams did such amazing jobs this fall season.....JV was Grand Champion against some a lot of larger city schools...Varsity won our county competition, 3 times were Grand Champion, and 2nd at our big local competition by 3 points......and it is in HUGE thanks to you....We will NEVER go to anyone else for our music!!!!
Ashleigh H
Avon Braves
Avon, NY

Hey its Tammy from Jensen Beach..... We won first place with your music mix! The judges loved the mix! We were definately rockin the crowd! Thank you! Thought you would like to know.......
Tammy J
Jensen Beach, Florida

 Hello I am Tonie Lansing I am the head coach to the Land O' lakes Flyweight Gator cheerleaders...I started researching for my music and we are a rec league not a gym so our funds are limited.. Every girl also makes the team.. We needed music and I was able to contact Justin with Custom Cheer Mix.. I had seen his suv running around town for a couple of years with his custom cheer mix logo.... I looked for his web site and sure enough I found him.
He was wonderful!!!! He offered to sponsor my girls their music and I just recieved it. I gave him my songs and he made it sound absolutely amazing.. I have had a lot of music made over the years that we had to come up with the money for and it was nothing compared to what Justin has done for us. I owe Justin and absolute THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! We could not be what we will become without your help.............. We can do GREAT things with this music......................Thank you so very much...
The LOL flyweight Gators
Land O Lakes, Florida

 Love it! Thank you! I will touch base with school about payment (when it was sent). I did order a CD right? That will be sent once you receive payment as well right? Thanks Again Justin!
Kristen G
Spencerport Central School District
Spencerport, NY

 OH MY GOSH YES!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! JUST STINKIN LOVE IT! I will send you voice overs as soon as I see the girls run it with music to see where best place would be.Again, thank you so much and will talk with you Monday afternoon! Have a great weekend! Get some rest!
Krysta B
Smoky Mountain High School
Sylva, NC

 We won again headed to the regional championships you rock! Still the best music I've heard! I am so glad we found you!
Auburn, New York

 You guys rock- I requested a voice over and had it back to me before I could log out of my email!!!! That is what I call turn-around time!!

Thanks so much!

 Hey JT,
I absolutely love the mix! It is exactly what I was looking for this year. :) Thank you soooo much. It was well worth the wait. This mix is so different from our previous years music and it is exactly the change that we needed. You came highly recommended and now I know why! You have a repeat customer here.We are definitely going to use you again next year. :) I am recommending you to everyone I can. :) Enjoy your time off, you work hard and I know what you mean about staying sane. I am a teacher and without the summer off, I would completely lose it. LOL! Thank you for being so approachable and available to talk. I can't wait to hear the other mixes from my teams that I am choreographing this year.
Maximum Cheer All Stars
Lansdale, PA

 Hi Justin!! Hope all is well with you! First I just wanted to let you
know that the girls absolutely LOVE their music. They were so excited when they first heard it and have literally memorized it word for word, to the point when we turn off the music they continue to sing
it. All we kept hearing was how better the music this year's is compared to last. So we are extremely happy that we found you!!Ok so we have decided to have one of our stunt groups enter a few competitions so we need a new mix for it. It definitely won't be longer than a minute, we were thinking around 45 seconds. So by any chance do you have any openings that you can fit us in? I am hoping you do! Just let me know. Thanks so much!!--
Staten Island, NY

Justin...what a terrific job you've done on our mix!! The girls absolutely loved the music and are so pumped up to perform! I am so happy I went with you this year. Your communication and customer service is top notch. We look forward to dealing with you again next season! You rock!
Teresa - Jensen Beach, Florida
Jensen Beach Falcons
Pop Warner - Jr. Pee Wee


I played it for the girls the first time yesterday and they LOVED it! Had a wonderful practice- the music totally inspired the girls to do their best! Once again, a great job!
Thanks so much! :)
Linda L.
DCHS Cheer, Head Coach
West Des Moines, IA

JUSTIN! This music is FANTASTIC! We expected great music, but you just blew all of our minds away!!!!! In my 8 years of coaching and trying out numerous cheer music companies, I have never experienced such a high level of professionalism, passion for music, creativity, and customer service than I have with Custom Cheer Mix and Justin! Usually, you send your music somewhere, they create a mix and no one ever checks in with you until the mix is complete at which point if something isn't right, it was your own fault and you'll have to pay for the repairs! Not so with Justin. He always gives us MORE than what we ask for and his passion for music shines through in his mixes. He understands cheer, the flow of a routine, cheer counts (this was so key for us) and designs the best possible order of songs for your skill level without ever losing momentum. The routines are always flawless! From beginning to end, he is so hands on with our music, makes sure that we are satisfied with our song selection and at the end of the day, creates something so unique, exciting, and crystal clear that no one can rival his talent as a cheer music DJ. I call him the Mad Genius to which he laughs but if anyone has experienced working with Justin, you all know how intense he is about his product and our overall satisfaction. The cheer music industry has certainly met its match and Justin is such a HUGE cut above the rest that we are blessed to be able to have him choreograph our music and dictate the flow of our routines. He is not just the "music guy" and CCM is not just a cheer music company. He is truly talented and unparalleled in this industry! He will forever be our Mad Genius and our custom cheer music DJ! Go Argos!
Jessica S
Garden Grove High School
Los Angeles, CA

 Hi Justin,
The music is great. It gave me goosebumps when I heard it for the first time. You have exceeded my expectations once again!
Morris High School
Morris, Illinois

 Hi Justin:
Where do I start!!! I did NOT know REAL cheer music until I met you Justin. We would mix our own and it was ok, but there is no comparison to your music. You mixed our Carolina Xtreme Music for us last season and every where we went, someone commented on how great it was!!! And now our new Pop Warner music!!!
A – M – A – Z – I – N – G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We love it. Our routine is going to be awesome because of your music. WATCH OUT ORLANDO!!!!
Not only is your music the best, but customer service is without a doubt the very best. You are always just ONE TEXT AWAY! Not to mention what a great friend you have become Justin. Coach Abby and I just love you a lot!!!! As long as I am coaching, I will NEVER order cheer mixes from anywhere else!!!!! And I plan to be around for a very long time!
Thank you Justin!!!!
Coach P
Wake Forest Titans Pop Warner Association
Wake Forest, North Carolina

 I just wanted to thank you again for helping me in my online endeavor of ordering my custom cheer mix. This was my first time ordering through Custom Cheer Mix and I sent in several order forms by mistake without them finished. I was very nervous that my order would be a mess and I also was not sure which BPM would be best for my team. After talking with a customer service rep (Justin), over the Live Help Online option, I was able to avert a major disaster in my ordering. I was ordering a routine with 150 bpm and it was politely explained that most mixes are around 140-145bpm. I am so glad that I was able to discuss this with him and fix my order before it was started. If the music quality is anything like the customer service, then I am in for a fantastic routine mix! Thank you again for your time and patience with my order! I can't wait until I receive my custom routine music.
Jacqueline C.
Maximum Cheer All-Stars
Lansdale, PA

 Ya everything is perfect!!!! I've been rocking out to it all night! Haha! I don't need any changes :) Seriously, your music makes my job so much easier. Thanks again!!! Oh, and my girls absolutely LOVE it! We all wish we knew about you last year.

Thanks for all your hard work!
Cheryl A.
West Valley Cheer Choreographer
San Diego, CA

 I have never worked with a company that actually went over and beyond customer service to please it's customers, that is, until now. Justin at Custom Cheer Mix made the process of buying a cheer mix easy, worry free, and hassle free. He honestly went out of his way to help me at every step of the mix making process. I cannot say enough about how kind and truly amazed I was with Justin. And if all that wasnt enough....MY MIX IS AWESOME!!!!!! It is so much better than I ever imagined it could be! I got goose bumps when I heard it !!!!!! I will NEVER go anywhere else for a mix and will recommend Custom Cheer Mix to everyone I know. If your reading this and in the market for a cheer mix....look no further you've found the best place!
A VERY happy customer,
Shelli M.
Guilford High School
Rockford, Illinois

 Hey Justin...I got the mp3's and everything was fine with them. I had the cheerleading director listen to it and she absolutely loved it!
The music sounds so good and now that we have the mp3's it sounds even better plus there were things we didn't even hear before. We are extremely happy with the way it came out. Thanks again!!
Kim F.
Staten Island, NY

 Now that my music is complete, I can totally see why Custom Cheer Mix was highly recommended. One word comes to mind to describe their music creation, F-I-E-R-C-E!! The arrangement and the vocal additions Justin used can't help but get the audience hyped! I can't say enough about the customer service. From start to finish they went above and beyond to make sure that I was absolutely satisfied. I I am definitely looking forward to working with Justin for years to come. Thanks a million Justin, you are A-W-E-S-O-M-E !
DonYel W.
Derby, Ks

 Justin, we won 3 national titles 2 National Grand Champion titles with your music, and several other 1st place finishes. Thank you so much, with you mixing our music, there is no doubt in my mind it will be awesome again. THANK YOU!!!!
Melissa A.
Chardon High School, Ohio

 We received our cheer mix from you last year and absolutely loved it, so we would like two more mixes for the upcoming season! We loved that our mix from last year was so original, and hopefully we will get the same this year! We look forward to hearing what you come up with.
Cleveland Ohio

I LOVE LOVE LOVE THE MUSIC!!!!! I can't put into words how excited my girls and I are already for the season to start!!! Once again it is a PLEASURE AND STRESS FREE working with you. WE WILL NEVER GO TO ANOTHER COMPANY!!!! I can't wait to see what we come up with this year!!!
Ashleigh H.
Avon Cheerleading*
Avon, NY

 Hey Justin,
I have been meaning to write you about our competition results but, everytime I thought about it I wasn't near a computer. This was the first year our school went to the middle school competition and we placed 2nd. There were not many points between us and first place so, that was really exciting. Our music and routine was not like anyone else's. Thanks for all of your help.
Charles Carroll Middle School
Silver Spring, MD

 I love it! I just want my choreographer to listen to it and make sure she doesn't want any changes to be made. Thank you! I will be in Wisconsin Dells all weekend but should get back to you within a couple of days if we need changes, otherwise if not we will go ahead and make payment.
Roscoe, Illinois

 I really do appreciate you taking out the time to answer all my questions, I know I have a lot of them. Like I said before this is all new to us and we are very excited to be doing what we want rather then someone else but also nervous because we have never gone to someone else for music. But I can say that you are definitely making this whole process very easy for us and we haven't even started the music yet! Thanks again for answering all of my questions...we are really excited to have you do
our music!
Staten Island, NY

 YOU ARE AWESOME!!! Always a pleasure working with great people!
Mary L
Latham, NY

I am a drill/pom choreographer coming out of retirement for my daughter. I have been out of the competition realm for years so when I decided to get a squad together again my Aunt referred me to you. She was very specific about your company and not to get you confused with a company with a similar name.
Although my mix isn't ready, I am absolutely impressed by the customer service and the care you have shown about my music needs. It makes a difference to be treated like you are a valued customer rather than a number. I am looking forward to working with you and hearing the masterpiece you create for me and my squad.
DonYel W
Derby, Ks

 Hi Justin!!! Hope things are going well. Wow the music sounds great!(as always). Time to get to work now for me and my other coach. Thanks!!!
Starla S
Houston, PA

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for another amazing piece of work with our music for the 2009 Season! Your talents and patience is why we come back year after year! Thank you for your dedication; thank you for your amazing patience; and thank you for your amazing talent! You never cease to amaze me! You always seem to be able to tell what I am looking for in my music and always take the time to make sure the music is PERFECT! That speaks wonders about you and your company!
We will let you know how our squad does this 2009 Season and with any luck it will take us to Nationals in Disney World so we can come and thank you in person!
Thanks again!
Jamie H.
North Colonie Pop Warner, NY

 Justin, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! We can't thank you enough for all the hard work you have done for our teams this year. You have gone above and beyond again this year and we are so grateful. With your help to our great mix, we recently just won BEST MUSIC at Nationals!!!"
Exxcel All Stars
Newton, MA

 Dear Justin,
Once again you have really outdone yourself! Every year we think there is no way we can like our music better than the year before, but it happened...AGAIN! We love our music so much!!!
Thank you for being so accommodating and easy to work with. You cater to our every request, no matter how crazy we think it may be and you are so nice about everything. Your dedication to our team's music make us feel like we are your only customers. You will never know how much we appreciate your time and talent. You continue to be an important part of our team's success!
We cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for us. We will continue to recommend you to anyone and everyone. You are the best there is!!!!
Thanks again, Justin!
Jill P
Flemington Falcons - New Jersey

 Comment On Order Form:
Our mix last year was awesome. My girls won every competition they were in. This year i have no plan for the music so you can do whatever you want! I need a fast hip hop mix for the first part of the second track for them to dance too (about 4 eight counts).....
Starla S
Chartiers-Houston Buccaneers Cheer
Houston, PA

Hi, my name is Christine, and I am the head coach for the Pop Warner Junior Pee Wee Flemington Falcons. You come very highly recommended from Jill, who is the head coach for our Jr Midget team, and has been dealing with you for the past several years for their cheer music. Last year was my first year with a comp team, and we did not get to actually putting our music together until last August, and I do not want to do that again. This is all very new to me, so please be patient, but I hear you are really customer service oriented, and that's what we need.
I look forward to hearing from you, and thank you.
Head Coach JPW Flemington Falcons

 Testimonial on our "Edit Your Mix" Service:
Thanks! I can hear the newest part-sounds good, seemless. You're the best! If you ever need a client testimonial I would gladly write you one!

 Hi Justin....
Just wanted to tell you how excited I was to get my very first Custom Cheer Mix Newsletter! Does that make me pathetic that I was so excited about it??? I hope all is well!
~ Jill

 We love the music, thank you so much. It is perfect and thank you for being so easy to work with. We only had you do one team this year to see how it went but you have my business for all 4 of our teams next season. Again thank you for being so professional.
Christine B
Elite Force Cheer
Richland, WA

 I wanted to share some incredible news. Our Webster Wildcat Jr. Midget squad is going to Nationals in Disney. We compete on December 10th. Our girls are so excited! Wish us luck and thanks for all your help with our certainly made a huge impact! I'll keep in touch and let you know how we do!
Take care,
Coach Barb
Webster Wildcats - Ny

 Hey Justin,
I just wanted to mention that even though it's been a while, your mix still came threw. I mentioned how I was asked to help out a team who's coach had quit. I ended up becoming the head coach & after 2 yrs of no cheer in my life, I fell in love with this squad all over again. With only a month and a 1/2 till competition, and you being booked, I pulled out the mix you did way back when. At our locals my team took 3rd place in the Pee Wee small division for the Miami Xtreme Cheerleading competition and then came back and competed in a med division and took 1st place in the Orange Bowl Cheer & Dance Championship 2008. My girls and my parents all loved your mix & I would catch them singing & jamming all the time.
Thank you so much. .
I'm so happy at how much you have grown. And I will always wish you the best..
Saki A.
West Kendall Dolphins, Miami, Florida

 Hey Justin~
I just wanted to take a moment and let you know how our season is going. We have taken first place in both our competitions and are off to Trenton, NJ for regionals on 11/15 and hopefully on to DISNEY in December!
We have received WONDERFUL compliments on our music from the judges this year on our score sheets; original, outstanding, fantastic are just some of the comments!
thanks again for a great job and we will talking to you again soon for next season!
Thanks again!
Jamie Harrigan
North Colonie Pop Warner
Latham, NY

 I just want to thank you so much for being so understanding and helpful. After doing business with an unreliable company, and never receiving a final track, I called you and you were willing to help me out OVERNIGHT. You don’t know how much that meant to me. You saved us this season, especially for our first competition. Not only did you fix my music for me overnight, you made it sound so much better. You definitely went above and beyond what you had to, I will never forget it! Our music sounds better than most of the
other teams at our competitions so far, and I can't be happier with the quality. I will use you for our music needs forever!
Gulf Coast Storm All Stars
Pensacola, FL

  I just wanted to let you know that my team got 2nd
place today at our huge competition and a huge part of that is in thanks to you because the music was amazing...i also received coach of the year...i can't thank you enough!!!...have a fantastic night!
Ashleigh H
Avon, NY

 HI Justin.
Just wanted to tell you we had our first competition of the season today and we placed first in our division!!! We move on to our state qualifier which is next Sunday, 10/26.
By the way, the girls really love our music. One of the coaches from one of our other teams says it makes you want to get up and move!!!
I hope all is well with you and your family - talk to you soon!
Jill P.
Flemington, NJ

 We qualified for regionals -- we're at UCF on saturday after thanksgiving!
Jessi S
RPB Wildcats
Royal Palm Beach, Fl
Pee Wee Cheer Coach

 We got it (it was in Cindy's Junk Mail). Again, we love it!
Rebecca C
Westfield High School
Chantilly, VA

 Hi JT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT! U ROCK! WELL WORTH IT! Forwarding payment to gym owner, she should get it this evening!
Thanks again for everything!
Shannon G,
Aerial Athletics Head Cheer Coach
San Antonio, Texas

 THE MUSIC IS OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!! WE LOVE IT! I had parents commenting on how awesome the music is. It will be so easy to choreograph the routine and the girls absolutely loved it!!! They can't wait and either can I!!!! We will definitely be returning customer. The girls were sooo excited i wish i could have showed u there faces! you are a genius its that simple!
Ashleigh H and the Avon Braves Varsity Cheerleaders
Avon, NY

 I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! Thank you for your time and thank
you for giving me what I wanted. This music is great!! Go
ahead and send the Cds!
Thank you again,
Andrea L.
Owner/Director Glitz Cheer and Tumbling

 Justin............i really love it! LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!! You are a true artist!!!!!!!!!
Regina M. G
Varsity Cheerleading Coach
Hornell Senior High School, New York are a genius. This mix is amazing and I love it! Thanks soooooo much.
Morris H.S. Illinois

 We LOVE IT!!!!! Thank you!! Your music is always awesome, and worth the wait.I appreciate all you've done.
Cheer Revolution All Stars, Miami Florida

Dawn M
Normandy Cowboys, Florida

 Hey Justin,
Just wanted to let you know that I did get the e-mail with her music and it was perfect!!! Thank you so much we will be using you again for Dominique's Music!
Misty H
Hampton, TN

 I would not have anyone else ever mix my music as I think the world of you and what a wonderful job you did for my girls:) I have told many people about you and how talented you are, and I know my high school Falconettes are really looking forward to what you come up with for them!!
Saratoga High School Varsity/JV Cheer Coach, California

I want to thank you for all your hard work on our music this season. This was the first time we used a music company such as your to have our music done and you made the experience a truly smooth and enjoyable one. You took the time with me to make changes (when I couldnt make up my mind) and gave us a product to be proud of. The girls are going to love it! This mix will make it easy for us to defend our title this upcoming season! We will definately be using you again in the future and I will be in touch for the basketball season I coach as well....
Thank you again for your time and dedication! We will let you know how we do....
Jamie H.
North Colonie Pop Warner
Latham, NY

 Hi Justin -
WE LOVE IT!! Thank you for all your hard work. We know how busy you are, and we appreciate all the time and talent you put into our music. YOU'RE THE BEST!! Did I tell you how much we LOVE the music, for the millionth time???
Thanks again for everything!!!
Ellen and Jill
Flemington, NJ

 Thank you so much!! It is PERFECT!!!!! I really like it and I know my squad will too!! I am going to have to take it to my sponsor and let her listen to it before i can give you the final ok on it. Thank you for all you have done!!!
Victoria O.

 ABSOLUTLY AWESOME!!!!!! The most professional, courteous service ever.... Not to mention a SUPERB Product..... Great work Custom Cheer Mix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
UGC Elite All-Stars
Montgomery, AL

 Justin, I can't thank you enough for the awesome music mix! You are so easy to work with. Thank you for being patient and working with me to get it just right. You took my thoughts and put them into music. You are truly an artist. Thank you so much for everything! You are the best!!
Lori A
Jupiter, Florida

 Hi Justin-
Just wanted to touch base with you regarding the mix I purchased from you for my winter cheer season. I knew it was great when I first heard it after you sent it to me BUT I also wanted you to know that it was very easy to choreograph a routine to and the squad loved it! My JV team was young and inexperienced but they had a great season and did quite well at their competitions ... many first place wins and they also won their League Competition at the end of their season! Thank you again and I hope to be able to order my music from you for my next season.
Thanks again - Jackie K
Macedon, NY

 We love it! Don't want to change a thing! Thanks again for another great mix. Hope the girls can do it justice :)
Maryanne L
Hilton Raiders Cheerleading
Rochester, NY

 The music is great!!! Nothing like I have ever had. We use Mixmeister to do our Pop Warner music and have used it to do All Stars too, but we wanted something special this time. You are amazing and so patient with us!!!! WE APPRECIATE IT SO MUCH!!!THANK YOU!
Patty T.
Carolina XTREME, North Carolina

 I wanted to tell you that our music is great!!! We are doing well in competition this year!!! thank you for our pom music!!!
Walt Whitman Junior Varsity

 it is wonderful!! we love it and we are so excited! i am sending a check with the invoice in the mail. i cant thank you enough for your time talent and help with our squad and our music!!!!!!!
Justin thank you again from all of the P.Park cheerleaders and the very grateful coach!
Jill S
Pinellas Park Patriots - Pinellas Park, Florida

 Just wanted to let you know that my two teams that competed both won first place! Yeah! My tinys just went as a showteam, but my minis and Eagles both competed and won. Thank you so much for your advice on the bpm for this age level, I really feel it was a major factor in my team's winning performance! Thanx Justin, I'll keep in touch for the music for my three teams for next season, and I will be ordering those early also! Thanx,
Eagle Pass All-Star Gym - Texas

 I do have to thank you. I know how hard it is to do what you do but if it wasn't for you and your talent, my cheer teams would not have been able to have the outcome they did for this year's competition.All three teams used the mixes you created for them this year!!! WE LOVE THEM! And for my team (JV/HSP Combined team) to request their 1st dance music to be the song on our cheer website is a huge compliment to you!!!
Justin, thank you for everything!!! We are your biggest fans!!! No one loves ya more than the WCFL Cheerleaders!!!
Tracey S
WCFL Cheerleading Commissioner
WCFL Board of Directors Secretary
Wellington, Florida

 I just wanted to write you a quick note and thank you for what you did for us this season! Not only did we love the music, but so did the judges! We are competing at regionals this weekend in Orlando and if its one thing I am confident in, it is the quality of our music. Thanks again for everything and expect a call from me next season because I will definitely be using you again! This time I promise I will call sooner though :)
Danita R
Estero Pop Warner - Estero Florida

 Hi there-
Just wanted to keep you in the loop...our squad placed 1st @ a Cheer For Charity Competition in Webster New York on Saturday. Great comments on the music!!! Wish us luck on the 13th of October.
Take care,
Webster Wildcats - Ny

 Just wanted to thank you for the mixes you gave us. Our teams are very pleased with your work and you really listened to the needs of our team. We know it will help our teams performances at our upcoming season
Exxcell All Stars - Ma.

 Thanks again for your help throughout this process. I understand that you were extremely busy, but still, you always responded to my emails and catered to my needs ASAP. The mix sounds great - I love the way that you changed what I asked you to edit in my last e-mail!
Plattsburg State University Cheerleading - Ny

 Love it love it love it! just awesome! THANKS AGAIN!!!!
Bronx, Ny

 We're set. The music sounds awesome....we used the version that has technology faster - but we tweaked the routine to fit really is working out great and we are 100% happy with it!
Thank you SO SO SO much for all of your attention to our order!! We'll be in touch next year!
Thanks again, Justin. You've been a great help throughout this entire process!
GCA All Stars - Nj

 Thank you for everything you have done, everyone LOVES the music! well i was pleased with everything you did for us! we did not have this same experience last year with a different company. and the girls LOVE the music this year!
Trinity Bobcats Cheerleading - Ma

 You are the best! I know you are busy and I am glad because it shows you how good you are at this!
Jenny M - Fairport Raiders - Freshmen Coach - Ny

 Thanks for everything. The kids love all the music and so do I.
Jenna - TC Twisters Cheerleading

 Hi Justin! You are fast! Thanks so much! I think it sounds great!!! Just let me know my total so I can get a check off for you! Thanks!
West Valley Pop Warner - Ca

And the list keeps growing!