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 Sports Mixes
Music Mixes Designed For Baseball and Football


When it comes to our kids (and your kids!), we ALL take sports very seriously! Through out the years, we have created mixes for youth baseball and football teams, AND WE HAVE CREATED A TREND! Our baseball mixes and walk ups can be heard by USSSA teams from all over and many other baseball teams! Our football mixes have replaced the original songs that have been played as your players run out to the field! Custom Cheer Mix is now taking this service public and available to YOU!

What Can We Do For YOU?


  • Custom Cheer Mix can create "walk ups" for your baseball team. What are walk ups? These are short clips of your baseball players favorite song along with their name and number! This can provide a huge confidence builder in the player, especially when their name and number is called during the play of their favorite song!! They will feel like a major league player walking up to the plate!!
  • Baseball Team Mixes! These mixes are generally played during any team warm ups that your team may have before a game (or in between innings)! These mixes can be any where from 1 - 3 songs up to 5 minutes long. Most teams prefer one song in which is their "team song". That song is then completely remixed with every single players name included in the mix! If you would like more than one song, that is possible as well! We allow you up to 3 songs in one mix. Once they hear their names in the mix, it is an immediate confidence booster!
  • If no one is playing music and mixes with a boombox in your area during baseball games, IT IS TIME TO BE THE FIRST! Custom Cheer Mix is based in Tampa Florida! Believe when I say that music is the inspiration to any and all teams! It's been a blessing to hear the mixes created here and see the faces light up from the the young baseball players! Does it work? Yes it does! It gives the kids a feeling of being an important part of any team! AND IT WORKS! 


  • We can provide your football organization (Pop Warner, High School, Middle School, Elementary, Rec football, etc..) with a mix that they will proudly hear as they run out to the field! Our mixes have replaced boring over played songs with a remix that also includes the players name and number! 
  • Show your competition that YOU are serious! ONCE THEY HEAR YOUR MIX complete with the players names, they will be thinking twice! 

Our sports music services have been offered to teams from all over the Tampa Bay area! We are now taking this world wide! You will see your players eyes light up and give them that extra drive to succeed!



 Baseball - Walk Ups 1-5 Players: $75 

6-10 Players: $150

11-15 Players: 225.00

 Baseball Mixes  $100.00/mix
 Baseball Package  $250.00
 Football Mixes  $300.00/mix

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1. Our baseball walk ups include the players name, number and their favorite song. 

2. Baseball mixes include the team "song" or songs remixed and then added with each players name and number.

3. Baseball Packages - Include Walk Ups, and a complete mix with the players names through out.

4. Football Mixes - 1 to 3 songs that are used to create a music mix to be played as your team enters the field!

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