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Policy and Terms

We do not believe in 25 pages of terms (aka the last Apple update) - no one has that kind of time to read! But we all agree!? We squashed down a ton because of the licensing issues.

Plain and Simple:

Privacy Policy (this is our promise to you)
We do not rent, sell or distribute any information that you provide to us on the order form, web contact form or any other form made available to you on our website. E-mail addresses maybe added to our other websites which Custom Cheer Mix, LLC owns that may e-mail you only products and services in which Custom Cheer Mix, LLC owns and operates.

About our Google Ads (we are required by Google to post this)
We use third-party advertising companies to serve ads when you visit our website. These companies may use information (not including your name, address, email address, or telephone number) about your visits to this and other websites in order to provide advertisements about goods and services of interest to you. If you would like more information about this practice and to know your choices about not having this information used by these companies, click here. (We had to post this because Google, Inc required us to) 


1. PRICING IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE. Most of our Newsletter discounts, sales, special offers can not be combined, and all discounts (if applicable) are reflected from/and off of current pricing and invoice.   

File Delivery and Billing:

1. Once your music mix is created, your credit card will be billed. No mix will be sent out until a valid credit card, purchase order, or check has been received. In the event that we do send your music before payment, there will be a whisper though out your mix which will be removed when your payment has been received.

2. If a School, Individual or Organization is paying by check, your music will have a whisper throughout the mix. Once the payment has been received, the whisper will be taken out.

Song Choices:

a. We reserve the right to not use certain verses of songs that we feel are inappropriate.

b. When placing your order, we clearly state to list the songs that you would like. Custom Cheer Mix LLC discourages listing the times of a song to be used since there are so many variations of musical compositions. This can not be used as a revision.

Rush Orders:

1. Rush Orders require full payment up front. The rush service "days" will start counting once the full payment has been received, and not when your order was received.

2. Any rush order that is not completed by the date given will be refunded the rush fee only.

3. If you require any revisions on a rush order, there will be no refunds for revisions that take longer than the date of completion, since the rush service was already performed.

4. Rush Orders require full payment or P.O. up front before your mix even starts the production phase.


1.You can cancel your music order as long as your music has NOT started production via e-mail. If your music has started production, you will be billed for the work that has already been started and completed (including rush orders).

Weekend and or Holiday Delivery:

1. Our business days and hours are from 10am - 6pm (Monday through Friday, Eastern time). We are CLOSED on the WEEKENDS and HOLIDAYS. If you require a weekend or holiday delivery (as long as that date is open), we can do that too. You will be billed with the rates stated on the pricing page.


1. Check and PO processing may not exceed $25.00. And credit card/paypal orders will not exceed 4%. We keep our prices extremely low per industry standards.

2. We do not start mixing your music until a response is received from the order confirmation, PERIOD! Be sure to check your junk mail in the event that the order confirmation is sent there.

3. Schools and Organizations are required to submit a Purchase Order before the mixing service starts (INCLUDING POP WARNER, ALL STAR, REC AND COLLEGE). If you do not supply Purchase Orders, then a credit card must be received from your school or organization before the service is started and completed. If the Coach is the Individual paying for our services, then no purchase order is required, however, a valid credit card must be issued before any music is sent out.

4. Full payment must be received before any revisions start and before any mp3 (digital music file), or Cds are sent to you.


6. Failure to submit payment will cause your mix to be made available to others. This will make up for the cost of our service. We can not stress enough about the amount of time that is invested into each mix. We do not "brush off" those who fail to pay. You and your organization will be banned from our services and reported to the credit bureau. We rather use our time to work with honest teams and individuals. Custom Cheer Mix operates in an extremely honest business atmosphere.

7. If you have fees added to your invoice (late invoice fee, additional revisions, etc..) your music will not be released to you until it has been paid in full. 

1. There are no refunds on our finished productions. We invest a lot of time into every mix. We use the songs that you want or (if applicable) use songs within a theme. If you pre paid for a Rush Order, and the music was not completed within the purchased rush business days of receiving your full payment, you will receive a FULL refund for the Rush Fee only since our services have already been rendered. 

2. ANY CHARGE BACKS OR REFUSAL TO PAY FOR SERVICE ONCE THE WORK HAS BEEN STARTED or COMPLETED WILL RESULT IN YOU, AND/OR YOUR ORGANIZATION BEING REPORTED TO THE CREDIT BUREAU. Custom Cheer Mix operates with extremely fair business practices. You know our terms of service when you order. We are very fair, and outline our practices on our website in clear view.

3. DELAYED COMPLETION DATE ORDERS - During our busy season (May - December), it is possible for us to fall a little behind on orders. This is simply due to the amount of current orders that we have in. We strive to accommodate every customer with their preferred completion date and/or the completion date that we submit back to you on the order confirmation. Any order that is delayed due to current orders in progress, weather/natural disasters, revisions and/or edits in progress, WILL NOT RECEIVE A DISCOUNTED RATE OR A REFUND OF ANY TYPE. OUR RUSH SERVICES HOWEVER ARE GUARANTEED. We operate an extremely busy service for competitive cheerleading and dance, and we try to accommodate as many teams as possible! The key here is to think early for your music mix. The Custom Cheer Mix company can pick up with business very quickly on any given day. We ask all of our customers to think early to avoid any delays of any kind. 

1. Our Policy is to allow two free revisions per order. If you require additional revisions, there will added fees. To see a list of these added fees, please click here. ALL OF OUR ADDITIONAL REVISIONS ARE PRE-PAID! We follow every order carefully down to the 8 count sheets (if submitted). We mix what you want us to mix, bottom line.

2. A Revision is a change to your music within the framework of the original mix. If you choose to add or remove any songs, this IS NOT in the framework of the original mix, however, we do allow up to two (2) songs to be switched out that are the same length and/or 8 counts. If you choose to switch out more than 2 songs in the mix, this can not constitute as a "Free Revision" since the song addition was not within the framework of the original mix. Beginning in 2010, we do allow you to change up to 2 (Two) songs under the Free Revision
Once this has been met, you will be charged $15.00 per song to have removed and/or replaced. ALL revision charges that you maybe liable for are completely outlined on our REVISIONS PAGE.

3. Your mix will be made available to you once any other fees have been paid for. When ordering your music, we ask that you are fully prepared and know what you want in your mix, and that you have communication between all of the Coaches and Choreographer (s).

4. Revisions will be performed when the full payment has been received. Completion of the free revision can take 1-2 weeks depending on the time of the year.

5. On regular (non-rush) orders, you will have 10 days upon completion of your music to request any edits/revisions to be complete. Revisions that are requested after the time period of 10 days, or after you already approved the mix (and/or your Cds or mp3 have been sent to you), will be charged additional fees.

6. A new mix does not constitute as a free revision! Your free revision will apply to sound effect relocations and moving a few (2) songs. We give you the option of listing the order of your songs and choosing your song selections. When creating your Custom Mix, we carefully follow your order form. Any new songs will consistute

Custom Cheer Mix follows your order and your 8 count sheet or video (if submitted) precisely. Once our work is completed, yes we do allow one free revision and that revision is based on your actual order. After the free revision has been met, our additional revisions then have to be purchased. By purchasing additional revisions, you are simply compensating us for our additional time. Revisions may consist from changing out songs, to sound effects, voice overs, or even a routine change (be it current or later in the season). All of these instances take time. We want all of our customers to be happy with the mix and the songs that they have chosen, but we also want you to understand that revisions of any type DO TAKE TIME AWAY FROM OUR OTHER CUSTOMERS. IF THE TIME THAT WE SPENT WITH ANOTHER CUSTOMER EFFECTED YOUR ORDER, YOU WOULD FEEL THE SAME WAY.

Cancelled Orders:
1. If you wish to cancel your order, you can do so by contacting Customer Service. Orders can not be cancelled by you when your mix is already in the production phase. ANY ORDER CANCELLED WILL BE CHARGED AND BILLED FOR THE AMOUNT OF WORK THAT HAS ALREADY BEEN COMPLETED. Failure to pay for work that is already completed will result in you and/or Organiztion being reported to the Credit Bureau.

2. We reserve the right to terminate any order. In the event that your order has been cancelled, you will be notified by us.

3. We do our best to accomodate all of our customers with their completion dates. Depending of the time of the year, however, we may fall behind due to demand. Any RUSH orders will be completed in the time frame of our rush standards.

Purchase Orders:
1. If more than one squad is placing an order from the same School, on the same Purchase Order, all of these orders must be placed at the same time.

2. Absolutely no mix will be sent out until full payment or a valid PO number has been received from your School. If we do provide you with your music before the payment has been received, there will be a Custom Cheer Mix voice over inserted that will play through out your entire mix. Once the payment has been received, the voice over will be removed. 

3. If your School is paying for your music, we will send your Invoice to you immediately. You must then print the Invoice, and request a Purchase Order. Completion dates maybe delayed until we receive a P.O. from your school. If no purchase order or check is NOT received from your school, the mix is deemed abandoned. In this case it will be made readily available to others for purchase.

4. School purchase orders now have a $25.00 processing fee.

1. Your full payment must be received before your music is sent to you.
2. Organization checks, personal checks, money orders and school purchase orders must be received before your music is sent to you.

Completion Dates:

1. We strive to provide every customer with the completion date that is requested. Between June and November our schedule is generally jam packed! You need to get in early! The completion date that is given to you on your order confirmation can vary up to 2 weeks. Rush Orders are however are GUARANTEED.

Late Payments:
1. We allow up to 10 days to pay your invoice. ANY INVOICE NOT PAID IN THIS TIME FRAME WILL CHARGED AN ADDITIONAL $50.

1. We will not be held responsible for any lossed profits, damaged equipment, missed competitions or anything else due to the use of this website and/or our services or media formats.

2. We will not be held responsible for any occurance which revolves around email. All of your emails are responded to in a very timely manner. In any event that you do not receive a response in your inbox (because it ended up in your Bulk/Junk Mail folder), we will not be held responsible for issues which may occur, to include:
a. your mix being delayed, even if it is a rush order.
b. missed competitions

Your music will remain yours fully. We do not resell any mix unless:
1. You fail to pay for our services
2. You do not return the following year for your custom music
3. You are later than 30 days on your invoice

All of your emails and phone calls are answered and/or returned very quickly.

By ordering from Custom Cheer Mix, you are contracting Custom Cheer Mix, LLC to provide and perform music mixing services to you. Since all of the mixes that leave here are "CUSTOM", we DO NOT give out refunds for finished productions.
You agree to use your mix EXCLUSIVELY, AND ONLY for your Cheerleading and/or Dance Competition, and only use benefits of this service in a private, non-profit manner.
The user who initialized this contracted service will assume all responsibility for their "Custom Mix", should any "damages" occur

By submitting your order, you accept and agree upon these terms and policies of Custom Cheer Mix, and you understand the contents of the terms and policies page.

We work with Cheerleading Squads and Dance Teams from all over the world each year. With these terms in effect, it allows us to better serve you, and other Coaches whose music is on our schedule.

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