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Varsity Music Rules


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Pop Warner Teams are NOW required to be Compliant. Many High Schools thoughout the Nation are also affected by the new music rules. Rec teams, please check with your commissioner as this maybe affecting you too. ALL SPECIAL OLYMPICS MIXES ARE NOW COMPLIANT ONLY.

We have partnered with a music Company to use their music and they issue us licensing to provide to our Clients.

Once we license the cover song (s) that you would like to use, you will receive the licenses for all of the songs when your mix is completed. The license is only valid for one year and can not be transferred to any other individual or organization. You will be required to show proof of licensing at Varsity events

If you choose another cover label to use, please let us know so we know where and who to license the music with. This at times may increase the price to cover that labels licensing fees,

Because of the strict licensing rules, any Varsity Compliance mix must be paid in full before your music starts production. If you choose to have songs substituted, we will bill you for the additional licenses and once the additional payment has been received, you will receive those added licenses to use your music at any Varsity sanctioned event.

Our prices have not increased as much as the rest of the Industry. Our only reason for the "Varsity Mix Compliance Mix" increase is for the license fees that we pay for.

If you are not attending any Varsity events, this of course does not apply to you (as of right now). Please double check to see if your competition company is listed. If it is, you will need a Varsity Compliant mix.

Unfortunately, we see this trickling down to non-Varsity teams too in the near future, including Rec, and many High School teams as well. It's out of our hands at this point.

We keep our pricing low and our standards high and have been for 16 years (there are other companies out there charging 3 times more than us), but now we pay for licensing (and that's the only added fee). That license is for you and your team (s) to use the music only. We have been working with teams Worldwide for 16 years! And have been providing nothing but a quality and reliable source for custom cheer and dance music since! We will keep this page posted with updates as we get them from Varsity/USA Cheer.

We are here working hard for you, and at all hours of the day and night! Our team plans to provide you with the utmost musical experience for your teams/organization and at a low cost!

Please direct any questions to our USA Safety Council Member/Office Manager Melissa at

USA Cheer

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